By Joe Bonadio

A group of Bay Area entrepreneurs is shipping used bikes from California to 7 different nations in Africa, where they are bringing mobility, freedom and opportunity to thousands. Mike’s Bikes of Marin has shipped over 16,000 used bikes to Africa since 2008 – and there’s no end in sight.

Used Bikes Bring Mobility To Families In Africa

In rural Africa, most people have to walk long distances, whether it be for work or to secure water and provisions. Bicycles alleviate this pain, giving time and energy to people in developing nations who have neither to spare. “The bicycle is the most efficient transportation device ever created, and it’s the absolute perfect solution for Africa,” says Mike’s Bikes owner Ken Martin.

With the twin goals of increasing bike use in Africa and bringing bikes to the people who need them the most, Mike’s Bikes has been wildly successful. They’ve got 11 locations from Sacramento to San Jose, at any one of which you can donate your bike (and get a tax write-off for its fair market value).

You can find a nearby Mike’s Bikes location here.



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