Tomorrow, November 13th at 3:00 p.m., our Board of Supervisors will finally hear an appeal from the neighborhood concerning the possible closure of North Beach’s Washington Square Park. As some of you already know, the Square is set to be closed in February of next year for refurbishing and a water conservation project, for six months or more.

Some people in the neighborhood (including former Supervisorial candidate Marc Bruno, who is behind the appeal) argue that it is simply not necessary to close the park to save water there. In fact, the basis of the appeal is a report from the city that confirms this conservation can be accomplished without closing the park. In Bruno’s view, park closure would be a waste of our taxpayer money–and very few are eager to see it happen. But failing this appeal, happen it will.

So make your voice heard on this critical local issue and attend tomorrow’s meeting, at City Hall in the main chamber. See you there!