These days, it seems unanimous: San Francisco’s second place standing in the food world, perpetually lagging behind the Michelin-mobbed New York, has come to an emphatic end. When it comes to food, our fair city is now the choicest bonbon in the box. And without question, San Francisco’s Ferry Building is its creamy center: home to dozens of the hottest food businesses in the Bay Area and host to one of the nation’s best weekly farmer’s markets, the Ferry Building is a food destination unlike any other.

Even as a regular visitor, it’s an undertaking just to stay on top of all the delicious goodies on offer here; for visitors, it must be nothing less than overwhelming. So, every once in a while I do the legwork and round up a current list. Today I bring you 10 Things To Eat At The Ferry Building Right Now, Part 3.


Blueberries – Triple Delight Blueberries (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Farmer’s Markets)
I love blueberries. When you get a good batch, their flavor is unbeatable. And the darn things are so good for you I sometimes break my own rule, buying them imported when they’re out of season.


The Ladies of Triple Delight Blueberries and Their Bounty

Thankfully, they’re in season now, and the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market is the place to get them- specifically, Triple Delight Blueberries from Caruthers. Owned and operated by Mark and Kimberly Sorensen and their three daughters, 3D has been selling their perfect berries at the Saturday market for as long as I can remember, and it is always a pleasure to see them return each year. Go get these. Tip: splurge and buy the quart, the pint won’t make it home.


Anchovy-Green Olive Fougasse – Della Fattoria (Saturday Farmer’s Market Only)
I’ve written about Della Fattoria here many times before, and somehow it seems I never quite do them justice. As everyone from Bon Appetit to Saveur Magazine have figured out, Della Fattoria is one of the very best bread bakeries on the continent, and we in the Bay Area are lucky to have access to their delicious, singular products.

I could easily rave here about the rosemary-meyer lemon or pumpkin seed breads, among the best loaves obtainable anywhere. Ditto the perfectly chewy biscotti or the primally satisfying bread pudding, made from day-old croissant.

But today’s winner is a new item (at least new to me), one that I’ve recently become slightly obsessed with: the Anchovy-Green Olive Fougasse. A savory pastry, it incorporates just enough anchovy to make it one of tastiest morsels at the farmer’s market. Crunchy and salty, buttery and rich, this is a must-try.


Devil’s Food Brownie – Batter Bakery (Saturday Farmer’s Market Only)
Brownies are a very competitive game. There are so many great bakeries here, and they’ve all got their own take on the classic chocolate treat. So I was intrigued when I overheard one of the farmers talking about the Batter Bakery version–and claiming it was the best brownie of them all. I know a challenge when I hear one, and headed right over to get the facts.

The Fabulous Batter Bakery: Even The People Are Sweet Here

The Fabulous Batter Bakery: Even The People Are Sweet Here

Turns out, it’s true: their Devil’s Food Brownie is the alpha brownie. The raison d’brownie. The brownie sine qua non (OK, I think you get the idea). Nearly as dense as fudge, but perfectly chocolatey and not too sweet, this is a brownie to bring to someone you love. They’ve even got a killer GF cocoa-nib version, for those who like that sort of thing. And trust me–pick up an extra.


Cherries – Various Farms

There are certain times of year that hold so much promise at the farmer’s market, times when the season guarantees a particularly special bounty. This is one of those times. Right now, we are at the beginning of stone fruit season, avocados are plentiful and blueberries are coming in, to name just a few.

The Ferry Building joecontent

The Lovely Rachel Wields Her Bowl Of Garnet Cherries

Perhaps because of their short season (typically 2 months), cherries might just be my favorite thing right now. There is no one place to get them, but at last Saturday’s market I spotted three varieties: Brooks, Royal Lynn and Garnet. I ended up settling for the Garnet, but I intend to get to them all. Yum!


Barhi Dates – Flying Disc Ranch (Saturday Farmer’s Market Only)
Let me start by saying I don’t like dates. OK, that isn’t quite true. I didn’t used to like dates. But that was before I tried Barhis.

Honestly, I’m not sure why I reconsidered the things. It might just have been Kristi, who could be the cutest vendor at the Farmer’s Market. Whatever the cause, I found myself sampling one of these a few years ago, and have never looked back. Soft and ultrasweet, these are superb. They vary slightly in flavor, so that one will taste like caramel, another more like toffee or molasses. I like to pit these and put them in my vinaigrette, or just munch them and marvel that they actually grow on trees. Absolute heaven.


The Cheeseburger – Gott’s Roadside
I walked by this place for years before I finally tried it, and admittedly it was the appeal of the sunny patio at lunchtime that lured me. My expectations weren’t high, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the simple menu has some real highlights–including a stellar cheeseburger.

1/3 of a pound of Niman Ranch beef cooked medium well, this burger accomplishes the neat trick of tasting like it just came off the fire in your backyard. Whether you go with the green chile or bacon versions, have one with a cold beer in the sun. It’s a ticket to bliss.


Ginger Beef Bowl – Delica
Delica has all kinds of great things on offer, from tasty tempura to a killer tonkatsu (pork cutlet fried in crispy panko). Their impeccable open kitchen and emphasis on local, quality products make them a popular lunch destination, and its always worth grabbing something here.

One Of The Chefs Working Her Magic At Delica

One Of The Chefs Works Her Magic At Delica

Their Ginger Beef is one of my favorites: ground Kobe beef seasoned with fragrant ginger and served with scrambled eggs and green onions over white rice, this dish is as satisfying as it is healthful. Not a ginger fan, but still craving a little umami? Give the beef curry a whirl.


Single Origin Chocolates – Recchiuti Confections
The Mayans were the first to tap into cacao between 3,000 and 4,000 years ago, roasting and grinding the wrinkled bean and mixing the paste with water to concoct a bitter-tasting beverage. Since then chocolate has become one of the most widely consumed sweets in the world, generating $20 billion in retail sales annually in the U.S. alone. Clearly, the Mayans were on to something.

There is no shortage of world-class chocolate in San Francisco, and Recchiuti is among the very best. Featuring chocolate created from beans harvested in Colombia, Ecuador, Madagascar, and Venezuela, their single origin chocolates showcase the subtle differences between cocoas grown in different parts of the world. A master class in chocolate appreciation, these also make an ideal gift for the chocaholic in your life.


Porchetta Sandwich – Roli Roti (Thursday and Saturday Farmer’s Markets)
Inspiration for the most fearsome line of the Saturday Farmer’s Market, the Roli Roti people have been running the Bay Area’s best mobile rotisserie since 2002. Since their inception, they have eschewed a brick and mortar location, opting for a fleet of rotisserie trucks that serve farmer’s markets all around the Bay. They helped spawn the upscale food truck phenomenon here, and they are still one of the most consistent players in the category.


The Mouth-Watering Porchetta Sando At Roli Roti

Their porchetta sandwich is where it’s at. A pork tenderloin stuffed with herbs and spices, wrapped in pork belly and slow roasted on a spit until golden and fragrant, these are worth waiting for. And if you’re going to stand in line, you may as well get the potatoes, basted in the juices that drip from the rotisserie. Buona!


Salumi Cone – Boccolone
The people at Boccalone know their pig. Whenever I fly back east, I pack a couple of their salamis for my hungrier family members, and their products never fail to impress. I’ve also come to depend on their guanciale, the cured hog jowl that anchors my beloved bucatini amatriciana.

And if you’re looking for something substantial on the go, Boccalone has got you. Their salumi cone lets you pick any three of their meats and walk away, with just enough for a hearty snack. It’s quick and easy, and a great way to taste your way through their wares. Enioy!